“The earthly body is a city, containing both good and evil; thou art the King and Reason is thy wise minister.”

— Sa'di Shirazi

I'm a full stack JavaScript Engineer, currently working and living in Fukuoka, Japan and soon to be relocating in Berlin, Germany.

I've studied at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), and earned a B.A. in Computer Science and Information Systems.

I like to consider my self a generalist in life, as in "I love learning for the sake of knowledge", but with concentrated expertise on the web, and software development.

I am passioned about design, music, philosophy, psychology, mathematics and physics, well about any field that has a certain level of complexity that makes my brain go kaboom.

Currently my goal is to become a interdisciplinary individual, to gain knowledge and a level of expertise in applying that knowledge, be that music, design, photography, math and physics.



My knowledge is mainly focused on developing full stack web applications. I would like to consider myself framework agnostic, and mainly emphasis that I have a good understanding of JavaScript (design patterns, algorithms, and any general buzzword that you can think of).

Though currently, I'm shifting my focus towards blockchain related technologies and AI, somehow the current state I'm in feels comfortable, but its a bit stagnant, and I would like to change that. I believe I've reached a state that there's only a few % growth over the year, and it doesn't matter what I do, things get done too fast or are boring routines and repetitive tasks, and theres no challenge in that.

All in all current experiences and knowledge I have on are: Vue, React, Node, HTML, CSS, SCSS, ArangoDB, CouchDB, Cordova, Hapijs and more.

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