“The earthly body is a city, containing both good and evil; thou art the King and Reason is thy wise minister.”

— Sa'di Shirazi

I'm a JavaScript Engineer, currently working on a few JavaScript / Blockchain projects for 🦍Unit in Berlin, Germany.

I've studied at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), and earned a B.A. in Computer Science and Information Systems.

I like to consider myself a generalist in life, as in "I love learning for the sake of knowledge", but with concentrated expertise on the web, and software development.

I am passionate about design, music, philosophy, psychology, mathematics and physics, well about any field that has a certain level of complexity that makes my brain go kaboom.

Currently my goal is to become a interdisciplinary individual, to gain knowledge and a level of expertise in multiple fields and apply that knowledge in music, design, photography, math and software.


My knowledge / expertise is mainly focused on developing full stack Web Apps and DApps. I consider myself framework agnostic, and mainly emphasis that I have a good understanding of JavaScript (design patterns, algorithms, etc...).

All in all current experiences and knowledge I have on are: Vue, React, Node, HTML, CSS, SCSS, ArangoDB, CouchDB, Cordova, Hapijs and more.

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