1. DApps: building applications that live on the blockchain

    Date 29 Apr 2019
    The following is the script/talking points and KeyNote of the talk on Blockchain and DApps presented at DebugCon in Pristina, Kosovo on the 30th of March. Keynote: Blockchain / DLT I want you to forget everything you know about Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency that you may know!…

  2. Second Tattoo & Artwork

    Date 19 Oct 2018
    Before leaving Japan, I decided to make another sleeve on my left hand. The tattoo was created from the same artist that made my right sleeve tattoo The shape of the tattoo follows that of Japan, the pink sakura are Tokyo and Fukuoka, the two cities I’ve stayed while living in…

  3. Learning how to Learn

    Date 20 Aug 2018
    A few weeks ago I was able to finish the course on ”Learning how to Learn” in Coursera, the following are my summary/notes of the things that were introduced in the lectures They’re pretty short and roundup generally the surface of the materials that were introduced, in a way someone…

  4. Tattoo & Artwork

    Date 24 Jul 2018
    The following is my right sleeve tattoo & artwork. The Idea conceptualized in 2016, and the tattoo took 10 months to finish, each month a session of 3-4 hours. It started in November 2016, and was completed by August 2017 I’m attaching the artwork below and the final result of the tattoo as…

  5. Hello World!

    Date 23 Jul 2018
    Hello World! 10,000 Galaxies

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